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Elura McConkey (705) 652-3589

Saturday, July 29, 2017 – 10:00 a.m.

Sponsor: Elwood Hamilton Bus Lines


NOTE: Juniors -NO Membership fee.  Adults - $7.00 Membership fee. 75 bird limit per family. Juniors are persons 16 years of age as of the date of the fair. Age must appear on the entry form. All exhibitors must name their exhibits on the entry form and section number are required.  Only exhibits that are on the list will be accepted.  Poultry must be at the exhibit  building no later than 9:00 a.m. on Saturday July 29, 2017 and remain until 4:00 p.m., or at the discretion of the committee. The committee reserves the right to refuse or limit any entry.  Birds  showing sign of disease or sickness will be removed at the discretion of the committee. Entries are limited to 2  entries per section.  There will be a Champion and a Reserve Champion of the Fair for both Jr. and Sr. Exhibitors.


Mail entries to:

George Cooper, 1100 Coopers Falls Road, Box 1,

Cooper Falls, RR #1, Washago, ON L0K 2B0


CLASS 18A            CLASS 18B            CLASS 18C            CLASS 18D

Cock                       Hen                          Cockerel                  Pullet




1. New Hampshire

2. Plymouth Rock Barred

3. Plymouth Rock White

4. Plymouth Rock Aov

5. Wyandotte White

6. Wyandotte Silver Laced

7. Wyandotte Aov

8. Rhode Island Red

9. Jersey Giant

10. Sussex


11. Orpington A.v

12. Cornish A.v

13. Leghorn White

14. Leghorn Brown

15. Leghorn Aov

16. Ancona

17. Minorca

18. Cochin Black

19. Cochin White

20. Cochin Aov

21. Brahma Dark

22. Brahma Aov

23. Polish Silver Laced

24. Polish Buff Laced

25. Polish Aov

26. Hamburg Silver Spangled

27. Hamburg Aov

28. Old English Game

29. Aov Standard


PRIZE MONEY: $3.00, $2.00, $1.00



31. Silkie A.v

32. Cochin Black

33. Cochin White

34. Cochin Blue

35. Cochin Aov

36. Mille fleur

37. Brahma Light

38. Brahma Buff

39. Brahma Aov

40. Rose comb

41. Sebright Silver

42. Sebright Golden

43. Wyandotte White

44. Wyandotte Black

45. Wyandotte Silver laced

46. Wyandotte Aov

47. Plymouth Rock White

48. Plymouth Rock Barred

49. Plymouth Rock Aov

50. Rhode Island Red

51. New Hampshire 52. Leghorn White

53. Leghorn Aov

54. Japanese Black Tailed White

55. Japanese Aov

56. Old English Black

57. Old English White

58. Old English Black Red

59. Old English Silver Duckwing

60. Old English Aov

61. Cornish

62. Modern Game

63. Bantam Aov



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