1. All exhibitors must be members of the Lakefield Agricultural Society 2023. Membership fee is $7.00 to be included with entry form.

2. All persons are advised that any act of discourtesy, profanity, or disobedience to officials exhibitors, or spectators of the Fair, may result in disciplinary action against the offender.

3. All grain, seeds, hay, corn and other garden products and produce must be grown by the exhibitor and be crops of the present year.

4. No mark, initial or name will be allowed on any article being exhibited until the prize is awarded.

5. No official can wear a badge or ribbon while exhibiting, under penalty or forfeiture of prize.

6. Food concession booths will be charged a minimum of $25.00 for removal of garbage, if not disposed of daily in the dumpster.

7. Where there is one exhibitor in a class, prize money will be paid only when the quality of entry has been judged* approved by the committee, meaning entry may not be awarded first, second or third place.

8. Entries must be made by the owner (unless otherwise stated) If any person enters or exhibits that which he is not owner of, or authorized agent. They shall forfeit any premium which may have been awarded and may be excluded from exhibition in the future.

9. ALL PROTESTS must be made within 5 days after the fair and each protest must be in writing accompanied by $25.00 which will be returned if protest is upheld.

10. ALL prize winners must submit a list of winnings to the Secretary within 10 days of the close of the Fair.